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Harrison King


Harrison King can link any component to any system; can make
modifications to any existing system, and create new ones
from scratch. Full stack engineering with a heavy emphasis on
regenerative learning, and using the same resources for
multiple purposes at once. A constant reassessment of moving
variables while making edits. He is not a jack of all trades
or a generalist, though he does have significant experience
in many trades and fields of study. His main limitations
mostly come from outside influences, though he can quickly
rectify with his own solutions on the fly when need be.

What he does not know, he learns quickly by using what he
does know against manuals, a first hand account experience,
or by how something already operates in a system (often
times compensating for drift by how damaged it is; or
conversely, fixed in a broken system). Everything can be
broken into smaller parts and solved individually.
Harrison will not fully automate most jobs however.
He does not feel this is beneficial to the bottom line of
the majority, if done everywhere without proper
preparations first. It shocks the system and markets.
He has no problems with developing and maintaining
automated monitoring systems, and encourage this in fact.
Having another set of eyes only stands to improve the
safety of workers and the product consumers.
He creates great self-reinforced products, and then
clones them until the goal is reached. He does in days
what takes others decades. Harrison is the glue which
holds strategic divisions of labor in check, and to
continually modify their usage.
He's the person people go to when there’s an issue
no one else can solve quick enough. He fills the shoes
of a dozen men, is self-guided, with a tenable veracity
for solving large problems. There has never been a
mark Harrison King has set that hasn't been met.
Harrison is a polymath with a wide background in
computational linguistics, artificial intelligence,
robotics, meta-heuristics, neurology and biology.
He is an avid reader & enjoys history and philosophy.
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