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Conveniently located Computer Repair Burlington Vermont

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Serving Vermont computer repair customers for decades.
We have the experience within technology, an understanding
of the people we've grown to help, with the tenacity
and passion to do things quickly & correct!
We really do it all here; from basic hardware issues or faulty
software, to designing automation software for your business,
writing custom firmware for your devices, and much more!
There isn't a problem that cannot be solved. We make that happen.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Our Commitment to you is Paramount
The King Repairs started as a means to help a friend, but now we are
also about providing The Best repairs in Chittenden County and Vermont.
With over 20 years experience in programming, hardware / software
design & repair, there is no project too difficult to tackle.
Everything can be broken into smaller parts and first
solved individually, before combining all the pieces together.
Our philosophy about repairs is, "Sometimes it needs to break a little more,
in order to fix it". That just means I need to separate the base parts,
in order to better understand the problem and find a solution that fits best.
Our commitment is that we don't believe in providing more than
you need, and actively seek ways to keep costs down for you.
We believe in providing a service people need, and doing it well.
We will Always work with you!
Our company is located between Bradley street & Buell street. It's in the
rear of Dr. Brad Kline's Dentist office. Stop by for a bit and leave with a smile!
The King of Electronic Repairs
If you need any industrial electronic device troubleshot & repaired in the
field, we can assist you with that. With the necessary equipment, knowledge,
we know how to efficiently bring your systems back online!
We work on large & small appliances alike, minimizing electronic waste,
while saving our customers hundreds and thousands of dollars versus our
competitors. We not only manage to keep overhead low and pass those
savings onto you, but we feel what can be repaired should be.
You can always bring in any broken device you want fixed, to our
Burlington location, and we can at least diagnose it for you!
Then we figure if it's financially worthwhile to service.
We are your One Stop Shop, and we keep true to that!

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Our Philosophy on Repairs:
Redundancies or inconsistencies build up when building any business,
over time. You don't particularly notice the waste, until they
combine into liabilities and headaches for everyone! Normally,
there aren't such solutions as to combine differing systems;
however, That is where we come in. Every problem can and will
be broken down into their more manageable constituents.
The trick is also in putting everything back together,
with each individual type of glue, in a manner of speaking.

Stay Safe Online!
Don't be left behind while the world is changing; what we took
for granted in network security, potentially is exposing you
and your customers towards a data breach.
Don't have time to keep an eye on everything? We don't blame you!
Let us and our automated systems help protect you during
times when it matters most to you and your businesses!
Find ways to protect yourself & mitigate future threats. We offer
consultations through the process of many of our services.
We guarantee our work, provide detailed inventory, notes and
recommendations. Mostly our customers for these services are
local businesses near me in Burlington Vermont, though
We offer all of our services to Everyone!

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